our facilities

rental rehearsal space, recording studio, classrooms

rental rehearsal space

Looking for a place to rehearse? The Teach Me How Studio has a private area where you won’t disturb any neighbors and you can practice as loud as you want. Equipped with drums, organ, baby grand, and studio quality technology, you can practice any instrument or vocals to your heart’s desire.

Bring the entire band and practice together or bring your sheet music and lyrics to rehearse alone. Either way, we are ready to accommodate your rehearsals and get you concert or studio ready. 

recording studio

You have been practicing for a long time and you’re ready to put it on wax, cd, and streaming services. The songs are completed. The lyrics precise, the music pristine, and your vocals are microphone-ready. 

Come on to Teach Me How Studios and put the finishing touches on that album. We offer production services or bring your own producer and rent the studio. 


Our primary purpose for opening the doors is that we love to teach. Well we have multiple classrooms for multiple instructors to be able to teach different instruments and vocals all at once.

Equipped with instruments, microphones, textbooks, and the necessary technology, Teach Me How Studios is ready to serve you and your young musician or vocalist.